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We believe that software should always work, and should always be available.  And your customers are no different.  If you’re running an online service, website, or application, you need to be prepared for disasters.   Customer attention spans are getting shorter and one bad disaster could put you out of business altogether.

It’s human nature to think that a disaster couldn’t affect your system.  Or to think that because you’ve bought some tools or use some infrastructure, you’re somehow safe from disasters. Systems fail for many reasons – carelessness, poor design, natural events, and many others.  Some of these events are preventable, some are not.    The bottom line is that the only way to properly handle disasters is to be prepared.

To give the best service to your customers, you need to prepare for the worst. 

And that’s what this blog is all about.  We’ll look at disasters as they happen, discuss techniques & tools to mitigate disasters from affecting you, and look at how we can take software systems to a new level of resiliency and stability.

Please join in the conversation and let’s discover together how software disasters can be prevented, mitigated, and handled while increasing customer satisfaction and lowering costs.

About Kit Merker

Product Manager @ Google - working on Kubernetes / Google Container Engine.
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