Test, test, test

Do businesses with frequent business interuptions test their disaster plans?In a recent survey from Aberdeen Group, something jumped out at me.  I found the entire read quite interesting and the argument for downtime preparation and prevention is well supported by their findings.  In particular, a comment about the need for and lack of testing of recovery plans as a key differentiator between the best and worst companies surveyed.  The survey says that “only 27% of the Laggard companies report they regularly test their DR programs.”  The companies they define as Laggards had 3.5 “business interruption events” per year and had an average cost of $2.8 million from these events!

It only shows that companies that invest in preparing, testing, and training for disasters will save time and money, and will provide a higher level of service to their customers.  The key takeaway from this survey for me was 1) understand your risks, 2) have a plan, and 3) test that plan.

About Kit Merker

Product Manager @ Google - working on Kubernetes / Google Container Engine.
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